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26% of family offices invested in crypto

26% of family offices invested in crypto

Yes, you saw that number correctly, 26%. Yes, that is correct 26% of family offices invested in crypto. The percentage of family offices (wealth management firms that usually serve high-net-worth clients) that are invested in crypto, according to a new Goldman Sachs report — is up from 16% in 2021. 

At the same time, the proportion of family offices not invested or interested in crypto has also grown, from 45% in 2021 to 62%. Meanwhile, a report from investment bank Brown Brothers Harriman & CO found that the events of 2022 had not significantly discouraged institutional investors from investing in crypto.

How Much Crypto Do You Own?

26% of family offices invested in crypto
Assorted Cryptocurrencies

The first and original cryptocurrency was developed as a decentralized alternative to fiat currency systems regardless of the nation for those that chose to participate in it! There have since been hundreds of other cryptocurrencies to develop and tokens that you surely can find that fit your needs and desires! Think of it as having a form of insurance.

You can acquire it in very small increments for very little money through purchasing and investment via many, many platforms or start mining it digitally at a low level and build your holding and its value will grow over time. Cryptocurrencies prices fluctuate greatly, but if you look at the year-over-year increase in value it surpasses almost any other investment.

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