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Wind turbines, Green Energy Production and Crypto Mining

Now Crypto Mining is Clean and Green

‘Cryptobreeze” is the most advanced, and only wind micro-generator of electricity built for cryptocurrency mining.

Cryptobreeze utilizes a powerful combination of state-of-the-art technologies to generate clean electricity. Our innovative system integrates a Vertical Axis Turbine (VAT) with a toroidal spike housed within Darwin’s Wind Turbine Tower, resulting in unparalleled performance. Furthermore, we have developed a custom-designed generator that harmonizes seamlessly with our VAT, maximizing efficiency while occupying minimal space.

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Stylish & minimal design

The Cryptobreeze has a sleek design, off-white color, and cool and silent operation that blends in with any home.

Monitoring crypto earnings and exchange rates.

Packed with features & gadgets

Crytpobreeze’s built-in microcomputer provides Wi-Fi connectivity while efficiently handling mining operations, reporting, and wallet connections.

Development team building a better green, environmentally safe crypto miner.

Made for professionals

Cryptobreeze is dedicated to mining cryptocurrency without negative environmental impacts! Cryptobreeze is expandable, updatable, and maintainable eliminating waste.

200 GH/s

ASIC Miner (Single BM1397) – 200GH/s of SHA256 power for mining Bitcoin and 42 other coins at home or anywhere with Zero power usage! The mining unit can be replaced as ASIC technology improves.

Recyclable, Repairable

The lightweight design is built of UV and heat-resistant plastics and recyclable materials. Each unit is modular, if a piece becomes outdated and breaks, order a replacement and you can change it

12,000 mAh

Built-in 12,000 mAh Lithium-ion battery pack for continuous operation, with four individually replaceable cells, in the event of a cell aging or environmentally safer battery options become available.

Next-level Green Crypto Mining

The one of biggest negatives of cryptocurrency mining has been the large use amount of fossil fuel used to generate the electricity needed. Many large mining operations have begun moving to green energy sources, and now Cryptobreeze is making this possible for you the independent crypto miner!

Cryptocurrency Microgenerator Features

The things you get when buying the Cryptobreeze.

Wi-Fi Accessible

Each wind generator is accessible by Wi-Fi allowing you to monitor its performance, charge, and operation.

Built-in Miner Control

Built-in Micro PC handles operating and controlling your USB miner. This frees your home computer for what you want to do!

Secure mounting

A proprietary Mounting System and mounting options mean you can mount your Cryptobreeze where you desire and know that your mining operation is secure and safe!

Multiple units can be operated simultaneously

Operate multiple Cryptobreezes at one time, never increasing your energy costs.

24-hour operation

The Cryptobreeze operates 24/7 regardless of the sun or wind by charging the built-in battery pack that keeps your units mining even when the wind is not blowing.


The Cryptobreeze will pass for a pathway light or lawn light. Meaning it does not draw the attention of thieves, your neighbors, or the dreaded HOA (Home Owners Association).

Optimized for Power and Efficiency

“Cryptobreeze” is a small self-contained wind turbine generator that works on even the slightest breezes. It generates and stores electricity in a lithium-ion battery pack and has a closed chamber to plug in your USB Miner of Choice freeing your home computer and eliminating electricity costs for cryptocurrency mining.

Electricity Cost 0, Battery Capacity 12000 mAh’s
Mining Speed 200 GH/s

People Love this Wind Microgenerator

This is one of the first steps in revolutionizing crypto, green is the future and Cryptobreeze is a cornerstone to this foundation.

Satisfied customer
Albert James

Revolutionary Changes are coming!

Be a Part of the Green Solution with Cryptobreeze

Buy a Cryptobreeze 1 with a built-in 200 mAH’s miner or order a Cryptobreeze 2 without a miner and plug in your own USB miner. Set it up at home in your yard, porch or deck rail, or any other location with internet access.

Utilizing wind power, the Cryptobreeze has no need for electricity, a building, or other infrastructure, just a Wi-Fi connection. Grow and expand your mining operation, with no electric bill for mining ever!


Be one of the first on the list for a production Cryptobreeze 1. Mine your cryptocurrency with Green Technology!

Cryptobreeze 1 prototype

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